WordPress 4.4 Streamlines Content Sharing

For the last six years, WordPress has been an oEmbed consumer, adding support for services with nearly every major release since 2.9. In WordPress 4.4, it switches roles and is an oEmbed provider. oEmbeds for posts streamlines how they are shared across the web proposed by Pascal Birchler earlier this year. Content is displayed in an iFrame with a link to comments, a sharing button, and a link to the main page the article is hosted on. In the last three months, Birchler and members of the core team have worked hard to make sure that the embedded content is secure. oEmbed discovery is turned on by default in WordPress 4.4. To disable it, you’ll need to install and activate the Disable Embeds plugin.

There is the easiest way to try post embeds and you can check them at WordPress 4.4 Streamlines Content Sharing on how to log in and get the credentials.

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