WordCamp US First Day: A Live Streamer’s Point of View

WordCamp US Live Stream Photo Credit:  WPTavern

The first day of WordCamp US is over and the said event was taken at 9 A.M. Eastern up to 6:30 P.M. Jeff Chandler of WPTavern was not able to attend the event personally so he spent his day watching the live stream. These are his point of view:

At the beginning of the event, the site and steams experienced technical error but it was able to resolve within an hour. The live streams are consists of four different links with caption below each video. Unfortunately, there was many times where the caption committed typographical errors. The audio quality is extremely good and he rarely encountered buffering issues. Overall, Jeff concluded that the live streams are an excellent value.

The second day for the WordCamp US lives streaming starts at 9 A.M. Eastern and there are still a lot of tickets available. For more article updates about the second day and WordCamp US in general, make sure you subscribe Day One: A Live Streamer’s Perspective of WordCamp US.

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