WordCamp Miami 2016: New JavaScript Track, Freelancer’s Workshop and Kids Panel

Photo Credit: WordCamp Miami 2016 Adds New JavaScript Track, Freelancer’s Workshop, and Kids Panel

In February 19-21 of the present year, 8th WordCamp Miami will be held at Florida International University School of Business. Ptah Dunbar is the lead organizer for the event and expected to draw more than 700 attendees. BuddyCamp Miami will be on the first day, February 19, which will be led by John James and he will be sharing about the present state of BuddyPress.

WordCamp Miami will be having its first “Learn JavaScript Deeply” track for the attendees on February 21st. It will be starting with speakers introducing the required tools for working with JavaScript and WordPress and will end on exploring more advanced aspects of JavaScripts. They will also hosting a “Freelancers Workshop” on February 19th that covers pricing strategies, branding (yourself) as a freelancer, and client relations. Lastly, WordCamp Miami will be having its first kids’ panel, “The Next Generation of WordPress Users,” on February 21st. They will be looking for children under 18 years old who use WordPress and/or other platforms. The panel will show how young people and what they think about WordPress and blogging.

The event is now fast approaching and if you are planning to attend, go and grab your ticket as soon as possible. Check out here for more details.

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