What’s New in WordPress 4.3

WordPress 4.3 is the second major WordPress release this year. This brings new features and fixes an issue that includes: A) Menus in Customizer—In this version, you’ll be able to edit, create, and manage menus from the customizer (Go to Appearance, Customize, and click on the Menus tab). B) New Site Icon Feature—With this, you can add your site icon from WordPress admin area. C) Stronger Passwords by Default—In WordPress 4.3, if a user requests a password reset, it will appears a stronger password suggested in the password reset field. D) Editor Enhancement—this comes with inline text shortcuts that automatically format text as you type. Comments Off for Pages in WordPress—this version will fix the issue and after the update, any new page you create will have comments disabled by default.

If you’re a WordPress developer, make sure that you have this WordPress version update and try the awesome features of it. More details available at http://bit.ly/1K8bMkg


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