What’s New in Open Source CMS in March 2016

Photo Credit: wpdailythemes.com
Photo Credit: wpdailythemes.com

Introducing the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress

Ottawa, Ontario-based Shopify, is making it easier to use the oh-so-popular WordPress platform for e-commerce. The new Shopify Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress, was introduced by Daniel Patricio, Product Manager of Shopify. These allow owners of WordPress-powered websites to add a shopping function with all the features and security that comes with Shopify.  It is free to download and adds a add product button to the CMS platform. Shopify Ecommerce Plugin is versatile plugin that can be used with any WordPress theme.

WordPress Beta 4 of Version 4.5 Released

WordPress Beta 4 of Version 4.5 was released yesterday and a bit closer to a final released. Some features includes responsive sites and add improves the articles composing. The final version release will be on April 12.

Hippo as one of the sponsors of the Intelligent Content Conference

This month, Hippo was one of the sponsors of the Intelligent Content Conference held at Las Vegas. They will be also sponsoring the Moedertaal:Digitaal on March 31 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Content-Commerce Summit on June 1 to 3 in Leipzig, Germany.

You can check the full article here.

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