What to Expect in a Basic WordPress Tutorial

If you have decided to add a blog to your existing website or simply maintain a blog as a hobby, WorPress is the platform you should be using. WorPress is currently the best open source software available for publishing content that is feature rich and highly customizable. If you are new to WordPress, it makes sense to invest time in some tutorials that will help you grasp basics better and create a WordPress site on your own.

WordPress tutorials usually start out with information on how to install the software and how to actually post content on a WordPress blog, organizing it into relevant categories.

Then the tutorial will usually cover information on WordPress themes and plugins – how to install and activate various themes and plugins and how to modify and customize themes so it reflects the uniqueness of your site. Some tutorials also offer basic information on how to develop simple themes yourself.

You may also want to know how to optimize your WordPress site for SEO and add Google AdSense or other advertising formats to earn revenue from your blog.

You can choose to cover as much or as little as you want in your tutorial. For instance, you may not want to learn about WordPress installation, but would like to know more about theme modification.

So opt for a WordPress consultant who offers flexible tutorial options in terms of topics covered and who charges for hourly support, so that you get the maximum out of your WordPress tutorial.

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