What is a Theme Framework in WordPress

Frames desingA theme framework is the starting point for the development of WordPress themes. Though themes can be developed in a variety of ways, (using WP code or HTML codes), using a theme framework is the most efficient method.

What is a Theme Framework?
A theme framework is a theme by itself that offers options of templates and numerous other customization features to create advanced and unique themes.

Using a theme framework boosts the efficiency in creating themes, because certain codes are in-built and many repetitive and routine tasks are eliminated. All codes are optimized to WordPress standards and best practices. And support for the frameworks is available via strong online communities.

Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks
Genesis, Thesis, PlatformPro and Elemental are some of the most commonly used theme frameworks in WordPress today. Responsive frameworks like Bootstrap and Less Framework are also gaining popularity as they support responsive theme development.

Premium WordPress Support works with the right theme framework in developing custom themes for you as choosing the right theme framework is the first step for a great theme.

2 Replies to “What is a Theme Framework in WordPress”

  1. Sweet and short explanation !! I believe using a theme framework with minimum functionality is the secret behind building a clean, fast and efficient WordPress Website. In fact we ourselves are working on our own open-source theme framework ‘rtPanel’. It is responsive and supports different templates. Do check it out on wordpress.org.

  2. Glad you like this one, frameworks are very helpful in terms of reading the way of thinking and the structural pattern of other developers and getting inspiration from general ideas. 🙂

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