Ways To Cross Promote Social Media Posts

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In this post, we will provide you the list of way that you take to cross promote you social media posts.

  1. Add Social Tabs to Your Facebook Page

With Facebook you can use additional app to add a tab for different social media accounts. Users can click those tabs and will promote those posts indirectly. The tabs will appear under your profile’s cover photo and audience can click on the “More” drop-down arrow.

  1. Partner with a brand and cross promote

Partner can help you cross promote with each other’s social media posts to followers. In selecting your partner, you can base with Influencers, local businesses, and non-profit organizations. You can create a post on behalf of your partner, post the content supplied by your partner, and/or co-produce a social media post.

  1. Integrate email with social media

In promoting your social media posts, you can add them to your weekly newsletter and grow your email list. Consider adding a newsletter sign up to your social media channels in order to catch people to subscribe.

  1. Use Your Website/Blog

Doing this, you can embed the posts or display the latest ones on the side bar, or in another part of your website. If you are running WordPress in your website, use a plugin like Publicize to automatically send your content to your social media channels.

For some additional tips and information, you check at  5 Ways To Cross Promote Social Media Posts.

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