Ways to Bring Web Traffic In 2016


I guess many of you are looking for better ways to get traffic to your website this 2016 and below are the ways.

  1. Create Quality, Relevant Content and Post Regularly

This is commonly known as content marketing which is a best way to bring in traffic by sharing your content and linking to across the web. Write content where people are looking for and it brings them to your website. Check out CopyBlogger for more details about content marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the act of working to enhance your position in search engine results pages (SERPs). Some basic things you can do to enhance your position in the SERPs are to utilize post name permalink structure, use the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin or All In One SEO plugin to optimize your posts and pages towards a keyword or phrase, and connect out to different web journals. Check out these articles: The top SEO blogs you should be readingBeginner’s guide to SEO for WordPress.

  1. Social Media

One of the great ways to bring in web traffic is to engage posting in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter). This will be able you to reach potential people that may somehow not find your content, it will elevate your content to your followers and you’ll have the capacity to interact with your readers. As of now, check this article: Guide to getting traffic from Facebook.

  1. Email Lists

Run an email list where you’ll able to notify users of your new posts via email. Some of them will read your post right away or even share your content. However, maybe there is small chance of not reading your content.

  1. Make Informational Graphics

Graphics is what people really love which draw the eye and make information easily sink in to their minds. They are more interested on reading articles with graphics than plain articles.

  1. Join A Forum

Join a forum that covers your topic and start interacting with the other members. Forum traffic has a tendency to communicate more with your content that people from search engines.

  1. Update and rerun old posts

Repost those posts that never took off and maybe it will do better for the second time.

There were 23 ways to bring in traffic to your website, you can check the rest that were not mentioned above at  A Guide To Bringing In Web Traffic 2016.


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