Wapuuno Cards of WordCamp Miami Are Now Available on GitHub

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: WordCamp Miami Wapuuno Cards – WPTavern

WordCamp Miami is well known for creating fun collectibles for attendees and speakers and will be on its ninth year running in 2017. A deck of Wapuu Uno cards “Wapuuno” was created by the organizers as gift for speakers this year. Each card features a different wapuu and mostly was designed for past WordCamps in different locations around the world. The deck was created by David Bisset and was based on open source Wapuus that are publicly available. The Wapuuno cards are ready to download and print on GitHub.

For further information about the Wapuuno cards, you can visit at WordCamp Miami Wapuuno Cards Now Available on GitHub.

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