Want to Sell Your Own Products through Your WordPress Blog? WP Shopping Cart Plugin to the Rescue

There are different ways to earn money from your blog – by promoting affiliate links, selling ad space, through Google Ad Sense, etc.

But often you may want to sell your own product on your blog. It could be an ebook or software download or a physical product that will need to be shipped.

The premium WordPress plugin WP shopping cart is ideal for this situation.

WP Shopping Cart Features

  • Rather than setting up a full fledged ecommerce website, the WP shopping cart plugin brings all ecommerce site features into your blog in a simple and easy manner.
  • With multiple products, the plugin lets you organize them into categories. It supports addition of multiple images for the products.
  • In case of downloadable products like ebooks and software, it enables secure downloading of paid files.

WP Shopping cart supports a range of payment gateways and shipping modules. The numerous features can be managed through the WordPress dashboard intuitively.

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