Veselin Dzver Nikolov – Bloger & Web Developer

Here is the next interview that I promised you. I am glad to introduce Veselin “Dzver” Nikolov – bloger and web developer.

1. Please tell us with a few words who you are and what you do?

My name is Veselin and work as a developer for Automattic, the company behind

2. When and how you first found WordPress?

It was a long time ago – in 2004. A colleague of mine had a blog and he showed me. I got enthusiastic. In the beginning I wrote nonsense that only I was reading, then I found some people to read me.

3. Do you remember the first site that you build with WordPress? How does it changed your work?

At this moment WordPress system was only for blogging. Gradually it evolved into a platform for developing websites. Currently a lot more people do business with WordPress, rather than just blogging.

4. Why should business use WordPress for their sites?

Because of all the benefits it provides and the easy access to the colossal amount of plugins and themes. With their help one can focus on the really important parts of the project, rather than reinventing the wheel. One would save time and money not only for the initial launch, but also for maintenance later.

5. What is your favorite part about WordCamp events?

The end. When we are all done and there is an after party. If I am a lecturer, then it is the end of my lecture. If I am an organizer – the beginning of the after party when people arrive 🙂

6. Where do you see WordPress in the next five years?

WordPress is an open source project and open source projects tend to be long-lived. I expect more people to enjoy it, but I can not be sure. There are good competing platforms, and possibly for such a long period of time there will be also a new one.

7. Final comments?

Come to WordCamp – October 20, Telerik.

Many thanks for the interview Veselin! You can meet him personally on WordCamp Sofia 2012.

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