Using Pinterest for Business Growth and eCommerce Branding

Using Pinterest for Business Growth and eCommerce Branding

If you’re an eCommerce business owner or have recently started marketing your business on Pinterest, you’re surely on the hunt for a strategy for eCommerce branding that proves to be a real game-changer for your business. The Pinterest platform is full of eCommerce features that can drive business growth for your website.

Pinterest as an eCommerce platform

The first challenge to figure out is whether your business niche has a large enough target audience size on Pinterest to target.

Pinterest is considered to be a female-centric platform, but more than 50% of new male signups can’t be ignored. Hence, you can find thousands of loyal customers for your business growth no matter what your products are most appealing to.

There are numerous benefits to using Pinterest for your brand. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of Pinterest:

  1. You are directly engaged with your targeted audience.
  2. Never-ending customer domain.
  3. Increased referral traffic.
  4. More product visibility.
  5. You receive direct feedback from your customers about your products.
  6. You can create Boards according to your product categories to showcase your products more effectively.

Pinterest is a search-based platform that gives you an edge in optimizing your business account for maximum visibility.

Now that we have covered the advantages Pinterest has for your business development, let’s go through some effective marketing strategies for eCommerce branding in Pinterest.

Strategies for eCommerce Branding on Pinterest

1. Converting to a Business Page

Firstly, instead of using a personal profile for boosting and marketing your business, create a business page. Creating a business account gives you access to analytics and Pinterest ads. With that, you can easily find out what type of pin gets the most engagement so that you can create more pins similar to that.

2. Focus on WIIIFM PINS

Secondly, when users view your pins, they must learn about WIIIFM (What’s in it for me).

Use Pins that contain all the necessary details and additional information about the attention-grabbing product for successful results. These pins give customers answers to their inquiries, such as details about a product’s availability, features, and pricing.

Furthermore,by employing this strategy, the click-through rate is improved, and the pin is eligible to appear in users’ Pinterest feeds.

3. Shop the Look Pins

Shop the Look pins are buyable pins. Such pins make the purchasing process easier and customers can buy that product directly on Pinterest.

And the best part is, Pinterest doesn’t charge for this, and if you promote such pins, then you can expect to have more sales.

The major advantage with such buyable pins is that they come with a “Buy It” button alongside the “Pin It” button.

4. Use PIN Videos to Display Your Products and Services

Video PINs are effective at reaching the largest number of people. This makes it an effective strategy for drawing customers’ attention.

What’s more, videos are a great method to highlight your products. Sales are greatly affected by the customers’ ability to observe the display and satisfy themselves.

As Pinterest provides visitors with a direct video search option, uploading a video increases your chances of ranking on the site.

5. Perform Pinterest SEO

Another effective strategy for eCommerce branding on Pinterest is to invest in Pinterest SEO. Pinterest is a search-oriented platform, which means that users search to find relevant products. Thus, SEO is a great way to reach potential customers.

Add relevant keywords to your products on Pinterest and link them to the targeted audience. For instance, if your business is related to stylish items, then do a search on Pinterest.

There are three places you should add your target keywords to improve Pinterest SEO:

  1. Pin Description: Adding the optimized keywords in your Pin description and adding them to Pin titles proves to be very beneficial.
  2. Pin Title: It is the most crucial element of Pinterest SEO. You should add at least one or two optimized keywords in the Pin title.
  3. Pin Boards: It is another place to include keywords. Optimize the titles and descriptions of Pinterest boards to see significant results.

6. Use Promoted Pins (Pinterest Ads)

Make sure not to ignore the most powerful tool offered by Pinterest – Promoted Pins.

So the question is, how would you decide which product pin to promote?

Of course, you can’t promote all the pins and vanish your marketing budget. The more efficient strategy is to go to your analytics and find the pins with the maximum engagement and start promoting those pins.


To sum up, all we can say is that Pinterest is a powerful platform for eCommerce branding and, with strategic efforts, you can expect to have a great ROI.

Using this platform can prove effective for business growth, but following a business plan is an excellent option for maximum results. There are various steps to achieving a successful Pinterest strategy and addressing some of the common business challenges faced when marketing on the platform. Hence, the above-mentioned strategies will be of great help when expanding your business on Pinterest.

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