Use the Material WP Plugin in Customizing Your WordPress Admin

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Photo Credit: Customize Your WordPress Admin with the Material WP Plugin – WPMayor

In this post, we will introduce to you the Material WP Plugin and its features to help you customize your WordPress admin. The Material WP plugin offers different features that will change the look and functionality of the WordPress admin and login page. Below are some of the Material WP features.

  • It has the ability to change admin interface colors, menu, and the size of the admin menu and Parallax which provide you to control over the admin screen.
  • It can set random colors for the WordPress admin menu icons or your own color.
  • Enables you to set your own custom menu label and change the height of the WordPress admin bar.
  • The plugin supports WordPress Multisite installs in order for you to make global changes easily to the WordPress admin.
  • It comes with an import and export features that allow you to save and retrieve your Material WP settings for other sites.

WPMayor provides tutorial on how to set up the Material WP plugin, you can check and follow their instructions at Customize Your WordPress Admin with the Material WP Plugin.

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