How to Use Statistics to Improve the WordPress Experience

A large number of WordPress users while starting out, don’t give the statistics section more than a glance. However, most established bloggers and site owners will tell them how useful a careful analysis of what looks like ‘just numbers and squiggly lines’ can be. In this article we’ll be touching on a few of the features of the statistics area and their implications for your blog traffic.

The audience statistic can be very informative. You can obtain a general idea, first and foremost, of where, geographically, the bulk of your viewer traffic comes from. This can be an incredibly valuable detail, because knowing the country or continent means you can begin to know its people. What appeals to them and what doesn’t, what phrases to use while writing, what to emphasize and what to mitigate. If you’re a serious WordPress user, you may even want to consider using this statistic to time your posting so it matches the heavy traffic time in that country or time zone.


The other information you can obtain from the audience tracker is what device they are using. If there is a suspicious lack of access from smartphones, it’s a good idea to look into the ease of mobile viewing of the WordPress site in question.

Audience information in some plug-ins also includes the details about how people are getting to a site. If Facebook hogs a large percentage, then perhaps a blogger should consider capitalizing on the social networking arena. It’s a good way to check if guest blogging is giving any returns. If direct searching is yielding poor results, SEO optimization might need to be considered.

Several plug-ins enhance a blog administrator’s ability to gain information about what posts are getting the most views. This sort of research can help a user learn what works and what doesn’t and hone posts in response. Done regularly and with discipline, this practice could exponentially boost a website’s popularity and a blogger’s expertise in marketing ideas in his/her chosen niche.

Google Analytics has a beautiful feature called Real-Time, which tells a user how many people are on their site on that very moment and what they are reading. This permits extremely rapid action on the part of the average WordPress user in case of a viral post or a good comment that is attracting a lot of debate.


While it is easy to get caught up in obsessing over every minute change in statistics on a site or blog, it is no sin to use that time to get better at what you do. WordPress is a great way of sharing information, and an important aspect of blogging in to know what information the public wants and how it wants it.

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