Twenty Sixteen Theme Review

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Photo Credit: Twenty Sixteen

New year, new default WordPress theme is ready to install and experience it within the next 12 months. Twenty Sixteen has officially released which described as a modernized approach of an ever-popular layout. This was designed by Automattic’s Takashi Irie, who also designed the Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen default themes. This theme is the default theme in WordPress 4.4 and the horizontal masthead is back which framed by the black colored border. There were also added in menu items, a header image and tiled background image. Twenty Sixteen provided the choice of either to go single-column or include an optional right-hand sidebar. In terms of text, a line length of around 80 characters is in evidence on larger screens, and compress well to around the 40 character mark on smaller devices.

Check out at Twenty Sixteen Theme Review: New Take On Old Favorite to know how to customize in Twenty Sixteen.

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