Tips for Designers New to WordPress


This post will help you either as a graphic or web designer and considering switching to WordPress. These are the five (5) tips for you.

  1. Decide if you can handle PHP code

If you are WordPress designer, come to think with it if you’re ready in handling PHP code after learning some PHP. Learning to code is what mostly designers do but if you do hate code, you don’t have to force yourself to do that.

  1. Be familiar with the structure of a WordPress Theme and the way WordPress functions

This is the next step, to be familiar with structure and functions of WordPress in general. If ever, there’s a nice and easy introduction to the internal of a WordPress theme and you can check it out this.

  1. Check the WordPress-specific CSS

Assuming that you are a web designer, then you should know some wherein that CSS you know from static sites is the same you’ll use with WordPress.  There are also drag and drop frameworks if you think that CSS is too much for you.

  1. Examine the internals of existing themes

As recommended, go to the official WordPress Theme Directory and download a bunch of popular themes. Install and test them and later you can start dissecting and learning it.

  1. Read a lot about WordPress

WordPress is not constant and it is ever changing from time to time specifically with the versions, plugins, and themes. So, you need to read a lot for you to stay on top of it.

Sitepoint provided a brief and concise conclusion, check the conclusion here.


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