Three Free Christmas Holiday WordPress Themes

Remember we made a promise in the last post. Yes you guessed it right. We promised to equip you with details of additional holiday WordPress themes that are freely available.

In addition to those free holiday WordPress themes listed in our last post, we are mentioning here a list of three more best free holiday themes

1.      Mistletoe Theme

Released on November 22, 2011, this is a Christmas theme that sports a cute snowman. It is compatible with all major browsers and with the latest version of WordPress 3.0 or higher.

2.      Blue Christmas Theme

A beautiful theme that incorporates a family of snowmen in the dark blue night background. The sidebar has Christmas trees and candy canes and the header can incorporate actual falling snow.

3.      Xmas Site 5

Developed and released by Site 5, the Xmas theme incorporates all detailed ‘Christmassy’ elements, complete with Santa’s reindeer flying across the moon. It is a widget ready and easy to set up theme.

Enjoy your Christmas with exciting WordPress themes!

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