The Steps to Build Content Marketing Machine

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These eight (8) steps will take you to high power content marketing machine. So let’s get started and here they are.

  1. Sharply Focused

Find and get your best buyers within the segment, and understand them and the journey they’re on.

  1. Hire a Managing Editor

Managing editor is one of the factors to develop a content strategy, manage your content creation, and delivery processes. Hiring a managing editor is quite not affordable, if so you can do it and allocate your time to get the content going.

  1. Build a Content Creation Community

Building a real-life and virtual communities will help you spread your content marketing effort outside the marketing team.

  1. Ideas

In making your ideas, the way to generate ideas is to understand well your customers’ field of interests.

  1. Production/Distribution

In the organization of marketing, the content production didn’t get used to the pace required to be a publisher. Those who go into it poorly prepared can soon find themselves in operational logistics.

  1. Audience Development

After you publish your content, the next thing to do is aiming for visitors with that content which is called Audience Development. This has four (4) major buckets: 1) Influencers, 2) Search, 3) Paid, and 4) Syndication.

  1. Conversion & Nurturing

The content that you produce will earn links and drive traffic to your site. During this stage, we focus on the final steps which are convert site visitors into leads and nurture leads into customers.

  1. Measure and Optimize

In the form of a content grid your plan laid out on how to attract potential customers and move them.  It’s important to have your machine running in order to understand what is working, what is not working, and how to improve it.

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