The Importance of Theme Modification in WordPress

The WordPress theme is responsible for the visual look and feel of your blog/website. Choosing the right theme is important as it plays a critical role in attracting visitors to your blog and fuels their interest to actually read content.

In WordPress, it is possible to modify the existing themes as per your preference, to change the look of your blog without affecting the informational content.

The need for theme modification arises, if you are satisfied with the overall theme and don’t want a completely new one. But still you wish to tweak certain areas of the theme so it meets the requirements of your blog better.

For example if your original theme has a header image, through theme modification, you can replace that image with a personal photograph that adds a personal touch to your blog. Even the background color on the theme can be changed.

Another popular area of theme modification is the theme sidebar which you can customize to create more widgets to display additional information. Theme modification also helps you to configure how your pages will appear and make it easier to subscribe to RSS feeds.

If you cannot be bothered with the technical details that go into theme modifications, do not worry. We will modify your themes as per your requirements and also offer suggestions on modifications that will suit your needs in the best possible manner.

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