The Importance of Comments in your WordPress Blog

You use your blog to share information and your thoughts. And you would definitely be pleased if there are comments in response. Comments indicate that your readers are genuinely interested in what you write and besides, a site that has active comments tends to create a positive impression on new visitors and further enhances the popularity of your blog.

WordPress offers a number of plugins to make your blog more ‘comment friendly’, as it were. We have prepared a list of tools and techniques to

Leverage the Comments on Your WordPress Blog

Fist of all lets start with the WordPress plugins that you can use to manage the comments:

  1. Commentluv
    This plugin automatically includes checks you visitors’ website and includes a link to their blog site from your site containing information about their last posts. All the bloggers are constantly looking to create more back links to their sites and this plugin will help you get professional feedback on your blog. Meanwhile giving a back link is just a way of saying ‘thank you” for the comment and encourage comments from others as they are assured of a link back themselves.
  2. Disquis
    Disquis is one of the most popular comment management systems for WordPress blogs. The plugin has many benefits including Social Media integration in the comment task. Users can easily provide feedback using their Facebook and Twitter profiles. As the system is embodied with the profiles, the plugin becomes useful in stopping the spam in WordPress comments. The system works perfectly in starting and maintaining discussions because of the appearing of the comments without the need to refresh the page.
  3. Facebook Comments for WordPress
    The plugin helps in increasing the comments by giving your visitors the convenience to post using their Facebook profiles. The comments below your articles are replaced by a Facebook wall. This tool provides extra visibility for your posts as your visitors friends might get involved in the discussions as well. The plugin also provides some extra security features as it is linked with the accounts
  4. Thank Me Later
    Remember how your mom used to insist on writing “thank you” notes for the birthday presents that you received. This plugin does just the same – it automatically sends a “thank you” message to the people that commented your article and shows your appreciation for their interest and time. The plugin is easily customizable and allows you to send personalized messages and make your visitors feel special.

It is not only the plugins that can help you get more comments on your blog. It is also your personal approach:

  • Make sure you engage your visitors with interesting and useful news and information.
  • Check your settings and comment management system to make sure it is user friendly.
  • Always ask your visitors to share their thoughts with you.
  • Respond to the comments regularly and try to encourage people to keep discussing.
  • Add an option to subscribe to comments so that people can easily follow the discussion.
  • Be NICE with the people that spend time to visit your blog and share their thoughts.

This is the short list of tips that I have created for you. I will be glad to hear what kind of tools and techniques you are using to enhance the comments on your blog.

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