The Best WordPress Themes for Creating Q&A Websites

Question & Answer (Q&A) websites are a great way to enhance the engagement with your visitors. Such websites contribute to increasing your online credibility and also play a role in enhancing search engine rankings.

The following WordPress themes best support creation of Q&A websites:

1. Answers
Answers is a premium WordPress theme with features that make it convenient to install and manage. It offers simple one-click installation and features sample questions and answers to give your website a ‘populated’ start so to speak.

The user area is very friendly and intuitive making it a hassle-free process for visitors to use your Q&A website. The homepage has tabs that easily display ‘most active questions‘, ‘recent questions‘ and any other category you wish to cover. Visitors can ‘ask questions‘ easily and make their own profiles. You can choose to keep the asking process free or charge for it.

A theme guaranteed to push up the popularity of the website.

2. Instant Q&A
Instant Q&A theme from ThemeForest can readily turn any WordPress site into a robust question and answer site.

It allows you to tag questions and categorize questions so that visitors can browse through their preferred categories. There is ‘Star Points Scale‘ that allows users to rate the various answers they receive. All users are given a username and password and can create membership profiles on the site. See this theme in action here.

3. Askit
Askit from Elegant Themes can create powerful feature rich questions and answer websites. Features include comments voting system, members rating and user sign up.

The theme comes with 7 customizable color options and full advertising management features. You can work on the optimal placement of ads so that they generate revenue for you but do not hinder your members.

Our WordPress training modules can be customized for providing specific training on creating and managing your Q&A WordPress websites optimally. We can also work to develop custom themes specifically suited to the requirements of your Q&A websites.

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