The Best WordPress Plugins to Earn Money from Your Blog

You may have started blogging as a hobby, with no intention to earn money. But you can monetize your blog by selling advertising space or promoting affiliate links or using the blog to sell your own products.

As we know, plugins enhance the functionality of WordPress and following are the

Top 3 Plugins for Monetizing Your Blog

1. Ad Injection
Ad Injection plugin lets you insert any ad (Google Ad Sense, Clickbank ads, Amazon Associate Ads or even your own ads) at the most optimal locations in your blog, within the content or along the sidebar or anywhere else.

You can control who sees which ad based on visitor referrer and IP address. This leads to a more targeted advertising approach dramatically boosting conversions. You can also control how many ads appear on a post depending on the post length so that at any point, there is no ‘ad clutter‘ on your blog that can cause negative perception.


2. WP Insert
WP Insert offers great flexibility in terms inserting your ad anywhere on the post- above, below in the middle of the content etc for maximum impact.

It lets you to easily manage multiple ad networks as well as your various feeds and Google Analytics data. All functions can be managed easily via an intuitive admin panel.


3. WP 125
WP 125 is one of the most effective ad management plugins that displays your ads in the form of 125×125 button ads – a visually friendly format for your visitors.

125×125 ads in a two-colum format

Features include template tags to create unique design for ad placement. Automates several ad management features leaving you with more time to focus on your content rather than the ads.

Do you want to know more about how to monetize your WordPress blog – we can help you with a WordPress training focused specifically on money  making strategies.

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