Text Patterns and the Quick Link Toolbar in WordPress 4.3


WordPress 4.3 was released last August 18th of the present year and contains a number of improvements. Text patterns or text shortcuts allow you to quickly add unordered lists, ordered lists, header, and blockquotes without having to use a mouse. In the visual editor in WordPress 4.3, typing or and hitting the space bar will generate a bulleted list. Typing 1. Or 1) and hitting the space bar will generate a numbered lists, however if you don’t to create these lists, hitting ctrl/cmd+z or esc will undo the text pattern. Word and character counts have also changed in WordPress 4.3, instead of updating counts when pressing enter or return, it will refresh when you stop typing. In addition, Ella Iseulde Van Dorpe, WordPress core contributor, has other lists of notable changes these includes:

  • For character count, emoji and other astral characters are now counted as one character instead of two.
  • We added a new type all, will count characters including spaces, this is now character_including_spaces and character_excluding_spaces.
  • Shortcodes and HTML coments are now excluded.

To view and read the full article, kindly check this Text Patterns or you can watch the video created by Ryan Boren, WordPress core lead developer which shows the text patterns in action on a mobile device.

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