Start the Right Foot on Having New Year, New Blog

Planning to start a blog, or re-focus to an older one? Blogging is more fun with a little assistance from your group of friends: go along with us in Blogging U. for Blogging 101: Zero to Hero this January, and give your blogging aptitudes a boost. Blogging U. courses consolidate expert advice with customized help and a supportive community. Achieve your own creative goals, enhance your specialized expertise, and make new friends! Blogging 101 is our foundational, begin course: three weeks of chomp size blogging assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” January’s course keeps running from Monday, January 4 through Friday, January 22.

How it works:

  • Every weekday, we’ll send you one new bite-sized assignment to help you manage your blog.
  • You’ll write posts and work through the assignments on your blog.
  • In case you need a helping hand, you’ll have access to a private site, The Commons where you can connect, share, and get support from Editors and Engineers.

If you are ready to register, you can fill out the short form here and get an email with full course details before to the start date.

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