Social Media Plugin Guide for WordPress

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In this article, we are going to show you the ways to social media feeds directly to your WordPress site using plugins. So let’s get started introducing them.


TwineSocial is an all-in-one social media feed plugin that will display your latest social content directly on your site through organizing it in accounts, hashtags, and multimedia. It provides you a stylish presentation for your photos, videos, and text.

Feeder Ninja

Feeder Ninja is perfect for creating embedded feeds out of your social media content. It is free to use but you have to sign up for a free Feeder Ninja account before creating your custom feeds.


Using Juicer plugin, you just input your social media account name or a hashtag and a feed to all of your posts will appear in an embedded shortcode. You can add permalinks to your social posts, SEO optimization, a responsive layout, infinite scroll, auto-approval, custom CSS and analytics.

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a responsive plugin where it looks good on any device and allows for photo and video display. The premium extension allows you to customize the number of posts displayed from each feed and includes infinite scroll and full support.

WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream is plugin that creates a single feed out to all of your social profiles using jQuery isotope-powered social network wall or rotating feed list. This plugin allows you to combine multiple streams into a single feed from numerous social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and etc.

There are more social media plugin follows; you can check them all here.

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