Premium WordPress Support looks after the performance of websites big and small – from blogs and portfolio pages to large eCommerce or publishing platforms. Save time for building your business by delegating your website maintenance to experts. Keep your site fast, top-performing, and – most importantly – safe and always-on.

Regular WP Core Updates. Core needs care. The safest approach not to break anything If you are not a power WP user, leave it to the professionals to update your website’s base.

Themes and plugins update. The flexibility of WordPress is provided by its customized building blocks. Both themes and plugins need regular maintenance.

Regular Backups: frequent backup of your website’s information: monthly, weekly, daily, or several times a day.

Server Monitoring to prevent downtime. A must-have for an eCommerce business.

Version Control: We regularly make “copies” of your website for you so you can revert to the previous copy if something is broken.

Technical Content Updates. SEO-compliant input of your content with all meta titles, tags, and descriptions formatted properly

Ongoing Maintenance & Security. Cache clearing, database optimization, malware watch to keep your website stable, safe and speedy.

Safely outsource the necessary but distracting maintenance work to us.


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