Secrets to Successful WordPress Blogging

The ease with which one can start a blog using WordPress means that more and more blogs are coming up, many of them in your content niche. Competition for blog readership will continue to grow. You therefore need to follow certain rules and tactics to ensure that your blog site gains and maintains popularity on the web. Below are some of the many secrets to successful WordPress blogging.

1. Good use of the Comment System

WordPress comments system offers a fast and secure way to interact with your readers. Although spamming through the comments section becomes an issue immediately your blog site grows, there are tools that offer a sufficient level of spam filtering. For example, the Akismet plugin makes it possible to automatically filter and disallow Spam comments.


2. Choose the Best Theme

There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from. These themes range from free to premium themes. You can start with very basic free themes and switch to a premium WordPress theme as your blog grows.


The question of how a premium theme will help always arises. The real advantages of going premium will be revealed as your site will be transformed into an unstoppable Content Marketing tool. Many premium themes are always clean, fast and well coded. These are the basic qualities that Google recommends for any website. You will therefore enjoy massive traffic to your site and that is what every blogger would like.

3. Use WordPress Post Tags and Use them Wisely

Post tags allow authors to recommend other similar posts to the reader depending on what they are currently reading. This is simply done by grouping your posts so that you can maintain traffic once a visitor comes on board. Tags also enable you to show many posts on the homepage of your WordPress blog so as to capture the reader’s attention.


4. Add Interesting Graphics to Blog Posts

Adding images and video content to a post allows you to put a break in a long WordPress blog post so as to break the usual monotony of scrolling through textual content. This encourages the readers to read on due to the simplicity of the post structure.

5. Adding and inviting users

It is easy to add and invite users with different levels of rights and privileges to your blog. The control of user privileges that WordPress offers with regard to the content authoring can be used to give certain readers the ability to post blog posts.  This means that your blog site will remain active even when you have little time to write.


These are just a few of the many ways that you can transform your WordPress blog site into a success story. As always, feel free to share more through our comments section.

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