Run Your Business with a Dash of Artificial Intelligence

AcobotThe Live Chat Android is here to enhance your customers’ WordPress experience in your absence. An automated robot makes all efforts in chatting away with the visitor, answering their concerns and turning them into buyers of your product. This plugin can be downloaded in no time, at no cost and is designed to boost your website performance like never before.


Some Striking Features:

  • The robot can be employed 24*7*365 irrespective of your presence.
  • Acobot chats only in English at the moment.
  • You need no prior AI knowledge to “employ” Acobot


Obvious Benefits:

  • Extend your support to larger customer volume by operating 24*7
  • Ensure customer delight by doing away with the waiting time
  • Strengthen customer satisfaction, diminish website abandonment and enhance conversion rates
  • Retain customers for a longer duration


Download this plugin from the link and wow your customers. Acobot makes sure your customers return for more. In case you get stuck with this plugin or any other, Premium WordPress Support is the right webpage to visit to have all your doubts cleared.

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