Professionalism at its Best with CartPress

CartPress is the perfect plugin for that out and out professional look for your online store. It can be put to use as a shopping cart, an online catalog or framework. The best is that it is absolutely compatible with WordPress plugins and can be modified with add-ons to suit the needs of your online business.

The most desirable features that make it a perfect ecommerce solution are:

  • Its integration with WordPress since its inception
  • Its perfect functionalities to suit the buyer and the merchant
  • Sturdy backend tools for convenient display and shopping
  • International trade ready features
  • End-to-end ecommerce solution


CartPress is suitable for the following product range:

Physical and digitally downloadable items: CartPress is ideal for various store types, whether you have a single range of products or a varied range in diverse product types like in a supermarket, or you sell intangible products or services.

Audio Products: Auto embedded media application is incorporated for selling audio products.

Complex Products with several attributes viz. images, excerpts, comments.

Simple Products with price, availability, images and variations in attributes

CartPress offers ease of operation and account management to customers in the form of:

  • Adaptable order mails
  • Access to purchase status and past transactions
  • Easy downloads
  • Default addresses for shipping and billing
  • An address book with unlimited capacity
  • Provision to express in the form of reviews

It is an excellent tool for marketing your brand and product range optimally and enhancing customers’ satisfaction. Go ahead and view a demo of this flexible and scalable ecommerce plugin. For any support or customization that you may need with CartPress, we will be happy to help you. Premium WordPress Support endeavors to aid businesses to make the most out of their WordPress websites.

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