WP Easy Subscribers adds nice, Medium-inspired opt-in popup form to your website that allows you to attract new subscribers. Popup form is fully customizable: you can change colors, text, hide name field, enable 2-step form (in this case custom html-text will be displayed on step one and opt-in form will be displayed on step two).



  • Easy to install.
  • Unlimited color themes
  • A lot of useful options, such as “Delay before display”, “Hide for X days after close”, etc.
  • Subscribers are saved to database
  • CSV Export
  • MailChimp Ready
  • Hide opt-in form on certain pages and much more!

This Plugin is ready to use right after activation. To manage plugin settings you need to login to your WP-Admin Dashboard and go to “Subscribers > Settings”


The settings did not end with the ones you can see above. You can change the color to every single part from the popup – all buttons,  all paragraphs, all titles – everything. And if after all the options for styling we have given to you still need something more there is even a place where you can add your own personal CSS code.

What’s more is that you can integrate this amazing Subscribe form to your MailChimp account and the subscribers to be listed there as well as in your WordPress admin page.

Why Do You Need WP Easy Subscriber?

In case you are an internet business owner, you will require much a bigger number of subscribers. On the off chance that you need to fabricate a group of people to dispatch a book, or tackle crowdfunding your next venture, you’ll require many individuals. Affiliates will require an alternate number of endorsers, for the most part, contingent upon what they’re offering. On the off chance that you need to gain $10,000 a month and you’re offering a $5 item, you’ll require much a greater number of subscribers than if you were offering a $5,000 item.

There are broad reports of individuals propelling exceptionally effective items and organizations with scarcely 500 subscribers. On the off chance that you have a super-responsive rundown and you’re offering a high-ticket thing, 500 endorsers can be all you require. WP Easy Subscribers will help you achieve your goals.

Gain More Subscribers

You may have seen that the best sites always remind their viewers to subscribe to their site in each blog or products they discharge. Information has demonstrated that endorsers are significantly more liable to produce more perspectives and watch time for your channel than an easygoing unsubscribed viewer will, so it’s essential to incite your viewers to subscribe to your channel through a suggestion to take action (CTA). This CTA can be a verbal signal or a visual prompt like a comment or Card.

Make it a propensity to incite viewers to subscribe to your channel each time you discharge a video, and let them know precisely what sort of recordings they can hope to see from you once they’re a supporter. Additionally, make a point to consistently check the Subscribers report in Google Analytics to see precisely where your endorsers are originating from and which recordings are picking up you the new supporters. WP Easy Subscribers make it easier for you to attract your subscribers.

We hope you will be happy using our plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to please you