Project Management is Now Easier than Ever with WP Collab

It is a well-known fact that project management is a mind boggling process. When you are managing the expectations of your clients, trying to meet deadlines, and motivating your team, it can feel like you are attempting to run a bicycle with one hand tied behind the back! Project management can be confusing. However, it is crucial for success as a digital agency.

What is the best tool for managing web projects?

With the continually developing business sector of tech companies, Web applications, and in-browser tools have become popular among project managers, developers, and designers. However, it is still hard to find the answer for a simple project management solution. The greater part of existing project management tool is either overloaded or has unsatisfactory cost. The main weakness of most project management tools is that your clients need to be registered to have the capacity to discuss projects or even view current status.

Then what is the solution?

WP Collab is your answer. This is a plugin that allows you manage your projects inside WordPress. WP Collab is a plugin that allows you manage your projects inside WordPress. It comes with a friendly and nice client area. It allows you to discuss any sort of projects with your clients and team members. You can break down the deliverables, manage team rules, due dates, and dependencies.

Features that will make project management super-simple

Manage all projects on your site

Simply buy and install WP Collab once, and never stress over paying monthly or yearly membership fee. There is no restriction on anything. Manage as many projects as you want and add the same number of clients and customers you need.

Manage Roles for Users

You can decide the roles of a user while creating a project. Also, every project custom access consents. So you can characterize their entrance from the settings tab. You can use “Custom Field” to set the responsibility of a team member.

Get Project Overview

You can see the project overview with due, finished, and future to-dos. See which turning points should be finished and who is in charge of each. You can change the due date.

Control and secure your project

Take control of each task. Control every piece of your project and allow who can make and view everything. Set message, schedule, to-do and developments as private on the off chance that you do not need them to see by certain client levels.

Password Protection

WP-Collab makes security key protected posts with unique UID and access URL. Any individual who has entry URL or task UID and the keyword can see the project. If comments are allowed for the project, they can also leave a comment. What’s more, any individual who has this URL can see the project status. There is no migraine with client registration.


Prepare Your Team for Success

WP Collab will help you prepare your team for success with a nitty gritty project management.

  • Breakdown of deliverables: WP Collab will help you add all steps from where you are to a completed task. You can break down each project into steps.
  • Team Roles: Now that you have separated the deliverables into small errands, figure out who on your group will do what. You can incorporate QA tasks using WP Collab. Team members can response via comments. Likewise, you can add client errands, for example, reviewing initial mock ups.
  • Deadlines: WP Collab will help you set deadlines for your team members and the clients. You can specify the due date in project overview.
  • Conditions: Make sure your team members know their responsibilities. You can utilize “Custom Field” to depict the obligations of your colleagues and team members. So the majority of the different parts can meet up easily.

It may take a couple of projects to build up a work process that functions admirably for you and your team members. It is important that you make the repeatable steps to reach your organization’s most extreme productivity. Begin with clear desires, do the prep work, continue conveying, and stay centered, and your unpredictable projects will get done smoothly with WP Collab by Premium WP Support.

We hope you will be happy using our plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to please you.