WordPress Live Chat & Instant Messaging Plugin With User Profiles

WpChats 3.0 is here! After a little bit of waiting, the development of WpChats Instant Messaging and WordPress Chats plugin is finally completed! With WpChats plugin, you will be able to let your blog or website users communicate and exchange private messages in an instant way with each other, that would probably make them stay longer on your site and enjoy it being able to interact with each other.


WpChats WordPress Live Chat and Instant Messaging Plugin with User Profiles was re-built to power even more better and cooler features than in previous releases. It now comes with SEO-friendly user profiles, faster and better chatting performance, improved design, and fully extensible content and output.

  • Fast, flexible, AJAX-powered interface
  • Translation ready with RTL support
  • Messages attachments upload feature
  • Conversations muting and messages forwarding
  • Messages composing made easy
  • Flexible user profiles with a search feature, blocking, banning, preferences
  • Easy-to-extend profiles, to add more generic user information and data
  • Profile tabs, to add custom tabs with custom content on the go
  • Editable profiles with extensible sections, cover photos, notifications, and preferences
  • User stats
  • User site and email notifications
  • 5+ WpChats widgets
  • Ultimate users widget to list users with custom tabs and search feature
  • Moderation panel to moderate flagged items, watch conversations, add or remove moderators, ban/unban users, and much more
  • Custom user roles with custom capabilities and limitations (e.g limit messages, uploads and reports)
  • Admin overview stats and useful data
  • Settings panels to set messages settings, users, roles, mailing, translations, Ajax and much more
  • Fast and optimized, caching included

There are much more cool features you should be discovering as you use WpChats to power messaging on your WordPress installation. Give it a go!

Some features powered by WpChats 3.0

Here are some of the key features powered as of WpChats 3.0:

  • User profiles: flexible, editable and easy to extend SEO friendly user profiles
  • Attachment uploads: Users can now upload custom attachments and embed them into conversations easily. Uploads limit size and custom extensions settings are available.
  • More widgets, including WpChats Ultimate Users widget which does everything user-based, from searching a user, composing quick messages, easy to extend.
  • Custom user rolescapabilities and limitations, to limit the uploads, messages, reports and more for your users.
  • Users custom stats and site-notifications




  • What are the minimum requirements for WpChats?

WpChats, as of 3.0, requires you to run a WordPress blog or website with PHP ver. 5.3.* at least.

  • Do I need anything to get WpChats working?

WpChats is a standalone plugin. You are only required to have a WordPress blog or website with more than a user to use WpChats features. BuddyPress is not a requirement, neither bbPress or other plugins.

  • How do I install and use WpChats?

To get things started, all you need is to install the plugin through plugins > install > upload. After you activate, you may want to adjust some settings and preferences through the settings panel Dashboard > WpChats > Settings.

  • I am getting a 404 not found page, what is wrong?

Make sure that you are going to the new WpChats pages. To access messages, try going to “your-site-name.tld/wpc-messages/” where “your-site-name.tld” is your domain name or subdomain. Or just /wpchats/ or /~wpc/ and it should redirect. If it still says 404, please go to Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and save the settings there, then refresh WpChats.  If there is no redirect, or no content or so then please do contact us about this and we will help you further.

  • WpChats adds items to my active navigation menu. How to prevent that?

WpChats by default insert 2 items into one of your active nav menus. To stop this go to Dashboard > WpChats > Settings > Other and in “Menu links” section un-check the menu location names found there which are checked.

  • How do I disable the uploads feature and disallow users to upload attachments?

To disallow uploads on your WpChats, all you need to do is to go to the settings panel in Dashboard > Wpchats > Settings and in the Uploads section un-check “Allow users to upload attachments”. You might want to just disallow some image extensions or the maximum allowed upload size which can be done through the same section of the settings.

  • Can I use WpChats on a multi-site?

Unfortunately no, for the meantime mu is not supported. Keep checking as we plan to support mu in the future.

More FAQs coming soon. Still didn’t find an answer? Feel free to ask us directly here.