“TextMagic Integration – Easy Digital Downloads Extension”

Receive SMS notifications from TextMagic every time you make a sale.

TextMagic serves as your own notice system when you get text messages. Utilize it to get alarms on your cell phone or PC, so you never miss an essential message about your sales. Notification options, for example, message ready tones or sounds, can be redone to meet your particular needs. Furthermore, you can undoubtedly screen fax transmissions and utilize alerts with call logs to rapidly audit records of all interchanges. At whatever point somebody makes a sale, you will get an instant message.

Advantages of TextMagic

  • Effortlessly tweak your alert options.
  • Get instant SMS at whatever point you get sales.
  • Propelled settings permit you to determine diverse email locations and SMS informing numbers for every sort of notice.
  • Control email and instant messages utilizing simple on/off controls.
  • Design message and fax warnings to be sent with or without connections.
  • Messages can be set apart as read once they are messaged to you, keeping your call log sorted out.

TextMagic turns into a critical interchanges medium in the present market. Utilizing SMS, you can get instant messages on the sale of your products, all on a PC or a cell phone. This usefulness is of expanding enthusiasm to the financial industry since it empowers clients to utilize their cell phones or PC to collaborate with their banks or other money related administrations from any place.

TextMagic gives an approach to getting the notifications about your shop

The electronic nature makes it much quicker than customary composed letter specialized strategies in light of the fact that the message is sent straightforwardly to the beneficiary’s cell phone or post box.

Through this administrations, budgetary administrations establishments close prompt access to their customers, rapidly circulating time-delicate data to an individual or to an expansive group of onlookers.

It is more practical than other correspondence channels

The store-and-forward element of TextMagic guarantees message conveyance.

  • You can read instant messages that contain the data you need, or they can take after a connection to open a Web program.
  • The endorser pick in capacity confirms that the recipient chose this method for correspondence line and has a dynamic enthusiasm for the budgetary organization’s business and items.
  • The speed, reach, and adaptability make a wide assortment of business applications over an extensive variety of ventures.
  • Authentication, Funds exchanges, One-time passwords, and notification. Pick in showcasing and extraordinary advancements, Stop installment demands, High-esteem withdrawal warning, Card suspension or deactivation demands, High-esteem installment notice.
  • TextMagic has a beneficial outcome on extortion aversion endeavors since clients can respond instantly to anomalies in their records.

This plugin can be a capable tool for overseeing client unwavering ness.

TextMagic is Pervasive

Organizations have fiddled with other online channels however, they will be unable to demand that clients download an individual application so as to get notifications. TextMagic, which is now implicit to each and every component telephone and cell phone handset, will remain the interchanges station of decision for organizations and clients for quite a while to come.

Ease of Integration

Moreover, from a product advancement perspective, it requires some investment. You need to incorporate any software program to get notification successfully. So it is insightful to pick a steady innovation. With the TextMagic, still generally new and extremely divided, there is just a single decision for an engineer needing to incorporate versatile informing into an application, and that is SMS.

Overseeing data over-burden utilizing nonconcurrent correspondence

TextMagic is easy to use plugin and it permits the beneficiary to respond voluntarily.