Sort by Google Analytics is a WordPress plugin that links up with your Google Analytics to add post sorting options based on your website’s usage statistics.

Sort by Google Analytics does not simply give you insights of your site, it’s amazingly significant to the success of your business. From advertising effort enhancement through to allocation of your budget, this plugin can profit your business.

So how about we begin with a little outline of what Sort by Google Analytics really is. Sort by Google Analytics is a plugin that permits you to sort your posts and gather information about the guests on your site. It permits you to analyze data about everything from how the customers landed at your site, what they did while on your site, and offering loads of extra data about your customers.

What Does Sort by Google Analytics Offer?

Out the box, it adds ten ordering options:

  • Most viewed
  • Most visited
  • Lowest bounce rate
  • Most unique page views
  • Most goal conversions
  • Longest average time on page
  • Highest entrance rate
  • Most social interactions
  • Most revenue from Adsense
  • Highest Adsense click through rate

Advantage of Using Sort by Google Analytics

During an SEO campaign, you should utilize Sort by Google Analytics to track the execution of your keywords fast with a specific end goal to have an effective campaign. You will have the capacity to know how much traffic each of the keywords conveys to your site. Sort by Google Analytics will open up a universe of data you most likely never thought about guests on your site.

Here are a few advantages of utilizing Sort by Google Analytics:

  • Visitor Analysis: Ready to discover how your visitors find your site. Other than the center arrangement of keywords that you are upgrading, you will also have the capacity to discover what different keywords your visitors use to discover your site. You will start getting more keywords being recorded on your listing because of your optimization effort.
  • Visitor Segmentation: You will have the capacity to know what number of new guests that your site conveys to you. You can easily segment the result by new or returning guests, referral sources and areas.
  • Site Analysis: Ready to distinguish which links and pages your guests click the most. You will have the capacity to know which are the prevalent links and pages, and measure whether your campaign is guiding the traffic to the right pages.
  • Site Tuning: This plugin will help you adjust your site. With the report, you will be able to calibrate your site. You can change copywriting on any page that is not converting. At last, it will bring you more quality prospects, and you will be able to get more customers.

Enjoy the Business Benefits with Sort by Google Analytics

Constructing your business choices in light of exact information is critical to guarantee you have enough confirmation to suggest that you are not just wasting your money. Sort by Google Analytics is divided into four key reporting zones;

  • Audience: Who is visiting your site regularly?
  • Acquisition: How your visitors are getting to your site?
  • Behavior: What visitors and guests are doing on your site? and
  • Conversions: Have your visitors finished what you needed them to?

Each of which is valuable for distinction purposes. There are four overall business advantages of using Sort by Google Analytics. These are marketing effort streamlining, target audience identification, website usability improvement, and budget plan.

Budget Management with Sort by Google Analytics

By understanding what works and what doesn’t, you can undoubtedly figure out where best to contribute your budget. There are reports inside Sort by Google Analytics which will offer you information that will let you know where you should spend and what your customers are loving. What more direction do you require than that!

Identify Your Target Audience

You may have a primary idea about your target audience, yet the reports about your audience permit you to figure out if you are right or not. These reports offer an entire host of client specific data. You will get information that is enough for understanding your target audience. This data incorporates components, for example, client areas, gender, age, and more.

By seeing how guests use your site, you can figure out where your site satisfying those visitors. This can be as basic as the survey which pages have the most bounce rate and push your visitors far from your site. With the quick result of Sort by Google Analytics, you will understand what type of content is valuable for your site and what sort of content you should change. Ultimately, you will be able to improve your site overall.


We hope you will be happy using our plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to please you.