Introducing your latest posts with a widget that can give you significantly more control over how your latest posts are highlighted in the sidebar and other areas of your WordPress site is super fun.

Gallery Posts is a widget that gives you the amazing opportunity to show your latest posts with images. And it’s not stopping here. On hover you will see more information about the post and what will be visible depends only on you. You can write your own layout so it can suit your own needs.

By installing the Gallery Posts you can display your featured image, incorporate custom post types, you can customize the layout with advanced options or list different posts by a similar author. In the event that you are utilizing WordPress Multisite, you can even show recent posts from different sites in your WordPress network.

Sounds engaging? Read the features of Gallery Posts Widget by DevriX that permits you to show your most recent content in a scope of various ways, helping you drive more guests to other posts on your site.


  • Easy to use
  • Displays posts thumbnails as the grid gallery
  • Customizable layout with advanced options
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Provides many options


Advantages of Using Gallery Posts

Gallery Post Widget is a reasonable premium plugin from DevriX.

At the point when utilizing this widget on your site, you can now show extra data about your posts in the sidebar. This incorporates showing the post author, date, and post excerpt.

  • Eye-Catching: The conspicuous advantage is that it surfaces a considerable measure of data in a little region, especially on a landing page where you can present the posts that can catch the attention of your readers.
  • Representer:  This widget is also a professional Representer. It is a great approach to ensure each category of your website is represented on your landing page. It will not make your landing page feel huge or cluttered.
  • Fresh Look: This widget can make a page feel new, convenient and diverse on each visit by just rotating content. This can make your business feel like it is detonating with new activities and achievements!
  • Story Teller: Gallery Posts widget can be profoundly successful when recounting a story or demonstrating a direct procedure. It has the ability to force a user to take after a particular adventure starting with one section (slide) then onto the next.
  • Engagement: This widget can engage your visitors. It can make solid focal points, especially if outlined legitimately utilizing large graphics or pictures. This widget makes it helpful for offering visually based items or services. You can use it for showcasing an exhibition of pictures or demonstrating numerous pictures of a similar thought or item.



Playing with all the options that this widget provides you can easily reach the desired result.

Make Your Site Memorable with Gallery Posts Widget

This is the place an incredible Gallery Posts can truly help you and your site. Try to discover a slider that is so immaculate, so convincing, that it might be more intriguing and significant.

For a few organizations, it is the Gallery Posts itself. In case you are offering an item, you may get an awesome photo of your item in real life, a picture that is so fascinating and cool that your perusers and supporters adore it and want to share it with their companions. You can use Gallery Posts to show the images of your products and services to your customers. It is very simple to use. You just need to take the advantages to making your site memorable with Gallery Posts.

Achieve An Emotional Connection

Gallery Posts is the widget that can become an integral factor. Gallery Posts Widget is worth 1000 words in light of the fact that a single slider can pass on a tsunami of passionate associations and implications to your visitors and customers. This widget allows you to pick the posts from your blog that can connect your visitors on an emotional level. Try to pick the posts that are beneficial for your business.


We hope you will be happy using our plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to please you.