Send personalized email messages to your customers with new download links for updated products within Easy Digital Downloads.

When you release an updated version of a product, rather than confuse customers by resending their purchase receipts, use this extension to send an email with a message tailored to the update by taking full advantage of Easy Digital Download’s email tag system and powerful self-expiring download links.

Best Features

A part of the plugin key features are

  • Customizable Email Message
  • Additional Email Tags
  • Complete Unsubscribe System
  • Customer History Logs
  • Batch Sending of Emails
  • Complete Email Management UI and much more.

Why You Should Use EDD Product Updates

Send customized email messages to your clients with new download joins for redesigned items inside Easy Digital Downloads. When you discharge an upgraded form of an item, instead of befuddling clients by resending their buy receipts, utilize this expansion to send an email with a message customized to the redesign by taking a full favorable position of Easy Digital Download’s email label framework and capable self-terminating download joins.

  • Adjustable Email Message: Craft a message isolate from buy receipt messages so you can connect with effectively with your clients on a more focused on the level while conveying overhauls to your advanced items – whether that is another release of your eBook or a settle for a debased document.
  • Finish Unsubscribe System: The additional {unsubscribe} email label yields a connection clients can tap on to be expelled from future item overhauls. In the event that tapped on the mishap, it’s anything but difficult to re-subscribe by means of single catch snap. Furthermore, administrators can unsubscribe/resubscribe clients on their installment history page.
  • Extra Email Tags: The {updated_products} and {updated_products_links} labels drop into messages effectively to appear, individually, a plain rundown of redesigned items and a rundown of upgraded items with download joins. A third tag, {unsubscribe_link}, permits clients to quit future redesigns.
  • Client History Logs: Major activities are logged to every client’s installment history page including when they are sent an upgrade email and when they unsubscribe/resubscribe from overhauls.
  • Email Management UI: Edit various email drafts or view sent, crossed out, and lined messages all from the WordPress Dashboard. Ideal for arranging email upgrades ahead of time or recollecting.


More Features of EDD Product Updates…

  • Group Sending of Emails: The augmentation separates messages into clumps and sends them out of sight (with a front-end UI to demonstrate to you the advance) so you don’t need to stress over the procedure timing out PHP on your server.
  • Software Licensing Integration: This augmentation incorporates combination with the Software Licensing expansion so you can send messages just to clients with a dynamic permit key. It additionally highlights an entire unsubscribe framework so clients can quit (or pick once more into) redesign messages.
  • Email Preview Confirmation: Get the preview of your email. You will also see the layouts and labels handled, before sparing changes or sending the email.
  • Send Test Emails: If you see your email message inside various email customers, you can send test messages.  You can send it up to five distinctive email addresses. You can send it with labels similarly as your clients will see them.