Better Dashboard – the ultimate WordPress admin enhancer, includes an ever-expanding collection of modules to boost the functionality of your WordPress Admin Dashboard to forever change your admin experience.

Module 1: Better Post Display

Better-Dashboard_04Better Post Display is intended to bring a fresh new look to the post listing admin page. If you are tired of that old table look, this module is for you. It integrates a series of cool functionalities such as ajax pagination, powerful filtering options, and thumbnail display.

Module 2: Search and Go

Better-Dashboard_05This module allows you to easily switch between admin pages – like Spotlight, from Mac OS. You can open the Search and Go panel by using the trigger shortcut: ctrl + alt + g on Windows and Linux or cmd + option + g on Macs.


Module 3: Unlimited Color Schemes

Better-Dashboard_06We honestly think that there should be no limits to the customization available in the WordPress Admin panel. This module allows you to make it more appealing to the eye by creating custom color schemes to be selected in the profiles page.


Module 4: Admin Menu Editor

Better-Dashboard_07We know how cluttered the WordPress admin menu can get if you have tens of plugins installed. With this module, you can reorder the menu items as you please, to make it easier for you to reach the items you use the most. All you have to do is simply drag and drop the links in the desired order.

Module 5: Custom CSS and JS

Better-Dashboard_09We know that often you will need to inject some CSS and JS script to our WordPress website’s frontend to make theme and plugins more attractive. That should be easy to do, with this module of Better Dashboard.
You can enable and disable each individual module. Just use what you want to use, it is that simple!

Advantages of Using Better Dashboard

Better Dashboard offers you multiple advantages, here are some of them:

  • Increase WP Administration Efficiency with Easier and Faster Access

With Better Dashboard your back-end information is better organized and quickly accessible. The plugin lets you efficiently screen and measure admin tasks execution. You can easily adjust the existing WP dashboard or make new ones utilizing other metric sets.

  • Better Decision Making

You can analyze key information faster. Our dashboard plugin gives rich visualizations, making your experience more natural and publishing tasks simpler to watch. The Admin menu editor permits you to reorder and prioritize the menu items so you reach the items you use the most. The plugin can enhance information presentation and help admins make better decisions and effortlessly manage important back-end data.

  • Better Team Coordination

Better Dashboard gives a straightforward, target perspective of admin tasks execution and can adequately serve as a foundation for further administration exchange. For example, partners and advertisers publishing on your site may need different access and view of the back-end process. You may design dashboards for them that track only the needed data in a way that is easily understood. On the other hand, if you don’t need certain users from the company to have access to specific data, you can limit their dashboards.

  • Flexibility for Business Growth

A relevant WP Dashboard should be constantly iterated upon as your online business develops and changes. With Better Dashboard, you may manage your changing business needs on one dashboard, tracking information availability, display, and organization.

  • Enjoy the Big Picture of Your Dashboard

Better Dashboard gives an inclusive preview of each vital metric the user needs, to make informed choices, including statistics, data and key performance indicators from various information sources, markets, and offices. Better Dashboard permits the website owner to design more reports and visualize data on the dashboard. Admin users are provided with a wizard to manage different types of data, media, features, color, and much more.

  • Improve Communication and Collaboration

Teaming up with your partners and sharing basic bits of data is fundamental for completing savvy business decisions and ensuring everybody involved is working towards similar goals. Better Dashboard supports the coordinated effort with team members and partners and offers constant support.

With simple to utilize, natural features, you have the ability to monitor and share key business analyses with your group. Also, with a consistent display and review solution, you can use similar features across any information source.

You do not have to wait anymore for your site developer. This plugin is very simple to use and you can use and customize it without any tension.  You have control of almost every part of your dashboard and can make full customization yourself.

We hope you will be happy using our plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to please you.