The Background Music Player Plugin allows you to play uploaded tracks and radio streams right on your WordPress website. This player has lots of playback options and its design can be customized.


  • Continuous Background Playback: Music is played without interruptions while the user navigates through the website with the music player added to a popup window
  • Add all the music files you need: The Plugin plays the audio files you upload
  • Supports Radio Streams: Broadcast your favorite radio through your website
  • Auto-Include and Shortcode Options: Include player automatically to your pages or use a shortcode
  • Different Custom Playlists for Pages and Posts: Define specific tracks for each page or post
  • Auto-Play and Playlist Repeat Options: Automatically play music when pages load
  • Shuffle and Tracks Sort Order Option: Sort tracks as you wish
  • Unlimited Color Schemes: You can choose a custom color for the player background and buttons
  • 4 Built-in Player Styles: Choose one of 4 built-in styles
  • Cross-Browser and Mobile Friendly: Compatible with all major browsers (even IE 7) and mobile devices (iPhone 4/5 , Windows Phone and Android)

Background Music Player Settings

Background Music Player is ready to use right after you activate it. Navigate to BG Tracks -> Settings and set the player just the way you want. There you will see all kinds of settings

  • Main player options
  • Playlist options such as Repeat and Sort order
  • Player style and colors
  • Player position and so much more.


Add Tracks to the Player

After you have set the player according to your preferences, the only thing you have to do is click Save and Add some new tracks. Just navigate to BG Tracks -> Add New, fill the fields and there you go – the track is now listed in your player. All you have to do is to follow those 5 simple steps – add title and track URL, upload track, write the artist name and choose the order – and the track is now ready to be played as your site’s background music.


Customize the Playlist for Each Page

After you have activated the player you will be able to see it on the front end of your site and listen to the tracks from your list.

If you think that a song is not quite appropriate for some pages but you still want it in your playlist for others, don’t worry! The player has the option to customize the playlists for each page. Just go to the Background Tracks Panel in the admin of every page and remove the track you don’t want to be played there


Add audio experience for your website’a visitors with the Background music player. Purchase now and if you need help setting up your own player, contact us.

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We hope you will be happy using our plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to please you.