Pricing Plan Details

Premium WordPress Support team helps you from picking up a domain to uploading the content. We don’t  lock-in our clients with custom solutions requiring recurring costs. Instead, our team develops easy-to-manage WordPress websites that help you grow your business. After our work is done, you receive full access to your website and have full control to upgrade pages, content, and manage everything related.

The main factors we take into account when preparing your quote are the total number of pages and unique templates for your site, the level of user experience strategy, as well as the number of revisions and custom images your project may require. Let’s dive into each element so that you have a full understanding of how we prepare our final offering.


Wondering how we count the total number of pages? It’s pretty straight forward. Any unique URL on your site counts as a separate page. It can be one of the main pages like Home, Solutions, Industries, About, et..but can also be a case study item, or an individual team member page, when they are created under a separate URL.

Choose from: Homepage, Services, Solutions, Industries, Speaking, Portfolio page, Pricing page, Events Calendar, Media and Podcast, Appointment page/Contact page, About, Blog, Contact, and Careers. It’s up to you to decide what is the most valuable information to showcase.

Pages to choose from:

Unique Page Templates

The total number of unique page templates is even more important than the pages we create for you. We use a Premium WordPress theme template selected depending on your business needs which our team modifies as per your project requirements.

What we do for you is designing and developing your own page designs that can be used on various pages on your website. You can request up to 4, 8, or 10 unique page designs depending on the package.

Rounds of Revision

Before we start, we provide you with several demo versions of how your site could look like. You pick up the design direction.

After receiving an initial version of the design, you have several rounds of revisions included in the price. Keep in mind that the number of revisions impact the final quote.


We know how challenging could be the lead generation process for every small or mid-sized business. When it comes to conversion rate optimization, the user experience on your website is one of your most valuable resources. Not sure what is the most appropriate site structure or how to improve the user journey to generate revenue? Our marketing experts are here to help.

Besides that, you have a dedicated Project Manager at your disposal who will guide you through the whole process. We care for your project, keep you updated and make sure you love the final result.

Custom Solutions

Typically, customized solutions lock you in with an expensive and difficult for maintaining site which your small or mid-sized business doesn’t need or cannot afford. The custom functionalities require recurring costs and a dedicated technical team. While it’s affordable for large companies, in most cases is too expensive for businesses of other sizes.

We specialize in developing easy-to-manage WordPress websites that you can easily manage after our work is done. Don’t make it overcomplicated. Focus on your business growth.

The Working Process

Contact us for a free consultation with one of our project managers. During the initial call, we will discuss the requirements of your project.

Review our proposal along with the included project deliverables, timeline, and costs. We believe in transparency and offerings with no hidden fees.

We research and propose a mockup of your site depending on the selected package. The rounds of revisions depend also on the pricing plan.

WP Theme installation, website building, testing. We deliver easy-to-manage WordPress websites in line with your specific business needs.

It’s time to add your content. Make sure that you have enough content for the launch of your site. And don’t worry – you can update and enhance it at any time.
Congrats! Your website is ready. It’s time to start scaling your business. Focus on iterative improvement and monetization.