Consulting Services Pricing

No matter how experienced you are with WordPress or what kind of problem you might be having we are here to help you get most of your website or blog. There are several rough estimates on the type of work provided by Premium WordPress Support. We are here to create special tailored services designed particularly for your needs.

Note: If you are looking for a high-scale professional web development solution, browse our parent company DevriX and review the Retainer plans.

Our WordPress development experts (DE) charge $70 per hour and the WordPress security consultants (SC) are available on $100/h. You may find a sample list of their services below.

Premium WP Services Details Approximate Duration
WordPress system installation & configuration Appropriate site settings,email setup, etc. 2-4 DE hours Get Started Now!
Consultation about the functionality required and appropriate plugin choice Based on the project type, size and future plans, we will give the best advise about the appropriate plugin range 1-3 DE hours Get Started Now!
Plugin installation & configuration Appropriate plugin settings, installation and functionality configuration 1-5 DE hours Get Started Now!
Basic plugin development Basic design changes, simple shortcode, ect. 3-8 DE hours Get Started Now!
Advanced plugin development Custom post type interaction, taxonomies, database logic, etc. 10-30 DE hours Get Started Now!
Expert plugin development Dynamic logic, AJAX-driven admin panel pages, logging, external system interactions etc. 40-80 DE hours Get Started Now!
Enterprise-size or premium products for sale and resale eCommerce modular platforms, social media plugins, social networking products , etc 100+ DE hours
10-30 SC hours
Get Started Now!
WordPress theme consultation Consultation about the design and usability required and appropriate theme choice 2-4 DE hours Get Started Now!
WordPress theme installation & consultation Appropriate theme settings, installation and configuration 2-4 DE hours Get Started Now!
Basic WordPress theme customization Theme option additions and basic customization 5-15 DE hours Get Started Now!
Advanced WordPress theme development/customization Bulding a small theme framework (different skins, responsive design, etc) 30-100 DE hours Get Started Now!
WordPress backup services Backup version of the website is created and sent to you 2-4 DE hours Get Started Now!
Basic security overview Basic security test and review of your website 5 SC hours Get Started Now!
In-depth security analysis Security and code review, penetration tests with different tools on your platform, report of the work done and advisory for code improvements. 35-50 SC hours Get Started Now!

Premium WP Support Pricing

WordPress is most powerful CMS that provides robust platform for small-scale as well as large-scale businesses. We, at Premium WordPress Support are dedicated provide you the most existing WordPress experience.

We have created different premium support packages to best suit your needs. Find below the details about the range of support packages.

We’ll be happy to discuss a support plan that best suits your needs.

Support offering/ Details Price/
Beginner 5h/month $275 Get Started Now!
Intermediate 10h/month $550 Get Started Now!
Advanced 20h/month $1100 Get Started Now!

One Reply to “Pricing”

  1. Hey there, looking for a quote to get my vantage theme directory site to work the way I want using types/views. I own headway and could use that instead of Vantage, but it appears in the forums that HW has some compatibility issues w/ types/views. So, I’d need a new theme. If it’s friendly to non-coders, I could likely do the redesign myself, but your insight into a good theme to use w/ types/views would be appreciated.

    Here’s the site.

    Basically what I want.
    A strong search, ie What do you want to search for support groups, curriculum, classes…then conditional options so under support groups > secular or faith based. Under curriculum > faith based or secular then academic or enrichment, then math, language, art etc.

    Support groups (list views by secular and faith based, and also individual page views)
    Curriculum (list view by secular/faith based, also by academic > math, science, lang etc and enrichment>visual arts, performing arts,

    Classes (list view sorted by date)

    Other resources….the would include books, organization, diplomas, testing. I haven’t put a lot of thought into how to view these yet. Probably magazine view with most recent showing and then an alpha list view when clicked.

    I’ve got a strong wp comfort, but no coding comfort, so I could probably do a bunch of the work if you walked me through a few of these. Ideally, I’d come out on the other end understanding how the views thing works. I think I understand the types and could probably do most of the entry with a bit of guidance to make sure I’m on the right track and setting things up properly from the start.

    And to confirm, cred basically allows folks to enter info and then it populates to pages. Correct? So, I could have a support group form. Someone could enter their info. Then, I could approve/publish the post. and it would be a new support group post. Do they have to log in? I haven’t looked at the cred at all, so don’t know what’s involved. Any insight would be appreciated.



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