Premium WordPress Courses

WordPress is mostly used for developing personal websites, E-Commerce website and Business websites. As you already know, WordPress is an open source platform, which is built in PHP and MySQL. Premium WordPress Support is keen to provide professional WordPress training to help beginners master the WordPress. Our aim is to provide high quality comprehensive tutorials to make you understand the basics of WordPress.

Course Content

  • History of WordPress
  • Download & Installation of WordPress
  • Mastering WordPress Dashboard
  • Understanding Pages & Posts
  • How to Install Themes & Plugins
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Operating WordPress Widgets
  • Working with WordPress Media- Images, Videos & Audios
  • Creation & Management of Users Settings
  • Updating the Latest WordPress version
  • & Many More WordPress tutorials

We have the most erudite WordPress instructors that will offer you effective tips and tricks to learn WordPress as quickly as possible!


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