New Released Themes: Escutcheon and Orvis

Photo Credit: New Themes: Escutcheon and Orvis

Last week, two new themes were released, one was named Escutcheon and another one was Orvis. Escutcheon was designed by Automattic’s own Mel Choyce. This theme is a smoky color palette and bold typography. Escutcheon is the best for those writers who want to stand out because it has a front page that provides you enough information to entice your readers.

The second one, Orvis, was designed by Thomas Guillot. Orvis is the perfect buddy for all photographers and designers out there which is minimalist, vibrant, and flexible theme. The bold grid design keeps the spotlight on your projects and scales to fit any screen size. The theme Orvis allows you to share your thoughts and build relationship with your visitors.

For further information about the two new themes enumerated above, check it out at New Themes: Escutcheon and Orvis.


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