Nearly Half of the WordPress Plugins in the Directory Are Not Updated After Two Years

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Luca Fracassi, founder of Addendio, an alternative search engine for the WordPress plugin and theme directories published an in-depth look at the WordPress plugin directory. The post includes data that shows the number of plugins added to the directory per year, what year the plugins were last updated, and other metrics.

According to the data, about 22K plugins have been updated in the last 24 months representing a little more than half the directory. This means that approximately half of the plugins in the directory are displaying a notice that the plugin hasn’t been updated in two years.

Fracassi says that based on the data, “Two out of ten plugins are updated after three years. If you pick a free plugin that is released today, there’s a 80-90% chance that in three years time you won’t have any more updates.”

There are a number of possibilities as to why a plugin doesn’t get updated for two years or more.

  1. The developer burns out or moves on.
  2. The plugin doesn’t need an update.
  3. Lack of donations.
  4. Support is too much of a burden.
  5. No time.

To view the screenshot and for further details, kindly check at Nearly Half of the WordPress Plugins in the Directory Are Not Updated After Two Years.

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