Meet BuddyPress- the Superstar WordPress Plugin

The BuddyPress suite of plugins from WordPress enables a social networking infrastructure for your website. With BuddyPress, schools, sports teams, universities, companies or any group or community can initiate and manage communication amongst members via their exclusive social network.


What Exactly is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is not a single plugin but a set of plugins that transforms your website into a fully functional social network platform. The various plugins on BuddyPress add different social functionalities to your site. These functionalities include creating extra profile fields to be filled out by members, private messaging feature that allows members to communicate personally with each other, ability to create groups within the network based on interest topics and enabling forum management by the groups to name just a few.

Despite the wide array of features, BuddyPress is highly flexible allowing you to use only the features that you want. Turn off features you don’t want easily with just the click of a button.

The most recent version of BuddyPress works with WPMU- WordPress Multisite, the WordPress platform that allows you to run multiple blogs simultaneously. As of WordPress 3.0, the multisite functionality is part of the regular WordPress install. Learn all about WPMU and how to enable it on your website here.

Now install BuddyPress just as you would install any other plugin and activate it right away.


BuddyPress Themes and Plugins

For accessing 100% BuddyPress functionality, adopt a BuddyPress theme. You can activate the default theme or choose from a range of free and premium BuddyPress themes or create your own BuddyPress theme. Likewise specific BuddyPress plugins (both free and premium) extend the functionality of BuddyPress even further.

Seek the assistance of the expert team at for any BuddyPress related queries.

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