Make Digital Downloads Simpler

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Selling digitally downloadable products was never so easy with WordPress until the introduction of this ecommerce plugin – Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin does not boast of fancy features and keeps its functions simple and to the point.

What Does This Plugin Do?

  • Imparts ability to purchase multiple items at once via cart system
  • Incorporates promotional code approach
  • Gives multiple payment options including Paypal, Stripe, Paypal Pro and Express payment
  • Shows comprehensive payment history
  • User can access complete purchase records
  • User can re-download product
  • Customization of order receipts
  • Developer gets a choice of scores of add-ons and filters

Easy Digital Downloads is named aptly because it’s really easy to set up and work on. It gives the user exactly what they need. Plus it provides a no-stress experience. It gets your business up and running in no time and without any hassles. Try it, it’s available at

More information on this plugin is available here.

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