Learn How to Properly Uninstall a WordPress Plugin – Tutorial

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Photo Credit: How to Properly Uninstall a WordPress Plugin – WPBeginner

In this post we are going teach you on how to uninstall a WordPress Plugin properly. From the admin area, simply login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugin page. You can see the list of currently installed plugins on your site wherein active plugins are highlighted with blue background color and below is the link to deactivate them. Same with inactive plugins, it has links below to activate, edit, or delete them. Click on delete link below the plugin that you want to uninstall. WordPress will now ask you to confirm the plugin deletion. You must click on Yes, delete these files button and will now safely remove the plugin from your web server. We’ve successfully uninstalled the plugin from your WordPress site.

If you want more steps to remove extra files added by a WordPress plugin, you can visit at How to Properly Uninstall a WordPress Plugin.

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