WordPress for Law Websites

We develop sites that help you grow.

Whether you are starting or trying to scale your consultancy business, we create WordPress for law companies that help you achieve results. Premium WP Support experts design beautiful, efficient, and easy-to-use law websites, custom-tailored to the law industry specifics. Our WordPress expertise spans over many years and allows us to deliver complex solutions optimized for lead generation, designed in line with your individual business needs.

Website strategy. Marketing planning. Design. We walk you through the entire website development process. Our team partners up with lawyers and law consulting firms to help monetize their business ideas.

WordPress with Lead Generation in Mind

Build WordPress sites for law. Practice areas, expertise, years of experience. Let's find what differs you from the competition and build your website based on that.


lead gen optimized designs


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Emphasis on Your Practice Areas

Highlight different practice areas to target different clients. Whether you are a solo attorney or law firm, the practice areas is a website component you can't ignore. This is where you present your services in more detail and practice areas pages are best opportunity to showcase expertise and attract clients. We create smart designs which allow your audience to find the most valuable information about your offering at a glance.


Focus on Expertise

Expertise is what really matters. Your accomplishments. Practice areas you are experienced in. Cases you worked on over the years. We design your law website by including a diverse range of interactive elements that help you showcase your skills and experience. Marketing experts at PWPS are here to advise you on the best approaches to include all necessary information to provide a great user experience and convert your website visitors into customers.


Expertise by Industries

Reach out to potential prospects and increase your clients portfolio by emphasizing on your industry expertise. Including an Industries section in your site is the most effective way to target your ideal customer. Discover how powerful for your business results the niche targeting could be. Health care, automotive, real estate, etc...Our team will design an eye-catching design allowing you to attract clients from different industries you have the expertise in.


Showcase Credibility

Companies you worked with, projects you took part in, client reviews and testimonials - everything matters. When it comes to business relationships customers are looking for verification of your expertise. Our WordPress expert team consulting lawyers and law firms of different sizes on how to structure their website and showcase company's best accomplishments at a glance.


Ensure Easy Consultation Requests

Adding an easy appointment solution is of great importance to your website conversions. What is your main call-to-action? Appointment forms help you to get web visitors clicking and completing a conversion, or in other words, get in touch with you for consultation. We will ensure an excellent site user experience, leading to great amount of consultation requests.

What’s Included


B2B WordPress Sites for Law Companies

For those who are starting or growing their Law business, we design and develop WordPress websites that help you attract more clients. Start smart. Grow fast.

Convert Visitors Into Leads

The more consistent structure and design a site has, the more it turns your website visitors into leads. Designing and developing B2B sites optimized for lead generation is what we do best.

In line with your Business Needs

Involving a team of WordPress niche experts dedicated to your business needs. After discussing your business specifics, we develop a roadmap in line with your individual project requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team of marketers use best SEO techniques for your WordPress website. Structuring your site in a search-engine-friendly manner improves your performance.

Team of Diverse Experts

Designers. Developers. Marketers. Project Managers. Involving a diverse team of experts depending on your business needs and project requirements help us to provide the best possible results.


We don't have the purpose to lock-in our clients with difficult for to update solutions, requiring expensive maintenance. Instead, create easy-to-manage and update websites.

Quick Turnaround Time

Knowing how important it is to get your site live as soon as possible, we provide fast results. The estimated turnaround time varies depending on your project specifics but usually does not take more than 15 to 20 days.

Choose a Plan Suitable for Your Law Business

Whether you are a Small, Medium, or Large Business, we create WordPress sites that suit your needs.



Start your business idea today.

Present the unique selling point that stands out your business from the competitors.



Grow your business.

Present the unique selling point that stands out your business from the competitors.



Scale results fast.

Present the unique selling point that stands out your business from the competitors.

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