Karachi Draws 125 Attendees in The First WordPress Meetup

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Photo Credit: First WordPress Meetup in Karachi Draws 125 Attendees

The WordPress community held its first meetup last weekend in Karachi, Pakistan. The event was led by Waseem Abbas Syed and gathered over 125 attendees and organizers. They received positive reviews and feedback.  There are two sessions featured during the meetup, the WordPress Security and WordPress Possibilities that led by Ahsan Parwez and Usman Khalid respectively. They were amazed by the deepness of WordPress knowledge among the attendees because they were expecting a beginner level audience. Now they become fully aware that they should have more advanced discussions in the next meetups. In the February 27th is the scheduled next Karachi meetup.

A lot more information that Waseem Abbas Syed shared during the interview of WPTavern, check the full article here.

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