Jeff Yablon and the WordPress Foundation Settle Out of Court


Earlier this year, the WordPress Foundation sued the Jeff Yablon for trademark infringe. The Foundation wanted Yablon to stop using its trademarks, dismiss the opposition proceeding, pay the foundation for any profits related to use of the WordPress trademarks, pay per infringing domain name, transfer the domains, and pay other fees and damages. Here are the series of their events: June 22nd, Yablon filed a request for default judgment, June 29th, the Foundation responded to Yablon by asking the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Sept 9th, David Mermelstein, Administrative Judge, filed a response that the suspended proceedings until the civil case was complete, Sept 21st, Yablon and the WordPress Foundation settled out of court.

According to the settlement, Yablon’s and WordPress Foundation have its own obligations. Instead of seeing the court case, he chose to give up which in the court system, is not the same thing as losing, as losing or winning sets a precedent. On the other hand, Yablon didn’t lose the case and the WordPress Foundation didn’t win either. It’s a reminder that the Foundation will aggressively defend its trademarks in the court system if other means prove unsuccessful.

If you want to know specifically the obligations of both parties, Jeff Yablon and WordPress Foundation, kindly visit this page.

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